Established in 2002 by the Group, the Bennelong Foundation aims to enhance community wellbeing and provide opportunities for positive and lasting change in our community. The Foundation also aims to provide opportunities for people within the Bangarra Group to personally get involved in the activities of the organisations it supports.


The Foundation also has a sub-committee of volunteers from the various Bangarra businesses, known as 'Bubbles'. The Bubbles consider smaller, innovative and grass roots grants within the Bennelong Foundation's key focus areas. The Bubbles actively seek out and work alongside these organisations to assist in their project application and development.

Our impact for 2018-19:

Bangarra sustainability & community

All of the Bangarra Group's commercial activities are engaged in various sustainability programmes ranging from the management of ethical investing in the public equity and debt markets to the designing of highly integrated multi-generational living communities. In each of these activities the Group is conscious of the use not only of economic capital, but also social capital, intellectual capital and human capital and employs a number of data driven techniques to calculate its target and actual returns on these classes of capital.

Bangarra is currently building its approach to developing positive returns for the natural capital upon which we all depend and completing this task is a priority for the Group.